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Nothing is more intimate, or more meaningful than home

A meal prepared by Red Maple Catering is the result of team work from a number of chefs. Red Maple is no ordinary private chef provider. We blend modern cuisine, thoughtfulness, and luxury to achieve a well planned meal. In striving to be the best of the best we have hired an exclusive group of individuals. For us, it is not enough that the meal looks and tastes great, but is made by people who actually care about you. These men and woman have been hand picked from the finest restaurants and hotels in the country. Like: The FourSeasons, Bellagio, Charlie Trotter’s, Sweet Basil, Vail, 21'Club, Mountain Standard, Vail, and the Ritz-Carlton. By hiring from this caliber of properties we know that our chefs and servers understand what it means to be of service! For us, it is a privilege to cook. We have found a career where we get to feed our most basic desires to be creative and passionate. So please imagine a dinner prepared to your tastes and in your home by our team of caring chefs.